The main focus of the Competence Center Security is the research and development of new intelligent security solutions to meet the challenges posed by the increasing complexity of information and telecommunications networks which are the backbone of our modern society.

These challenges can not be met with conventional monolithic approaches. Conventional perimeter protection based on firewalls and classical intrusion detection and prevention systems can deal with some Internet-based attacks. However, ubiquity and pervasiveness of contemporary computation systems bring about new types of insidious and subtle threats which these security systems have not been designed for. Small devices equipped with multiple access technologies allow us to be "Always Best Connected"; on the other hand, they create vulnerabilities and pose a great danger for information and telecommunications networks since threats can come from anyone located anywhere at anytime. Similar concerns arise for cloud computing, virtualization and the “living lab” vision of Future Internet technology. Role-specific security policy design becomes indispensable for network elements, which fulfill multiple roles according to their functional specialization.

Competence Center Security envisions that in the future, every device with computation and communication capabilities will exhibit inherent security intelligence such as monitoring its environment, processing the information, collaborating with others and autonomously making security decisions. Research activities in Competence Center Security focus on following questions:

  1. What are the security challenges our society faces due to ubiquity and pervasiveness in contemporary networked systems? What security solutions are required to cope with them?
  2. How can contemporary networked systems be defended against large-scale and distributed attacks?
  3. How can we test new security solutions for a new information and telecommunications network technology which is in its early stage of research and development?